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Frequently asked Questions

Do I need an accountant?

With the ATO systems many people prefer to complete their tax return themselves, and If your return is simple then it is always an option, however many people use the services of an accountant because they don’t want to have to research any legislative changes, and don’t have the time.  That Is where we come in.  We undertake frequent professional development to ensure that our knowledge is kept up to date and so that your refund is maximised.

Is it easy to change accountants?

If you decide to change to us to look after your accounting, we will get you to sign our engagement letter and then liase directly with your previous accountant to get any paperwork required.  We will advise the ATO and ASIC on your behalf.

Why should I change accountants?

You may find that your accountant has changed, their business focus has changed or yours has.  If your current accountant is not meeting your requirements, lets have a chat.  We can work out exactly what you are wanting from your accountant and tailor a package to suit.

What accounting software should I use?

We believe that each business is different and has differing requirements.  Although the use of online accounting software is preferable, as it allows for real time analysis of your figures, we also understand that, especially in the early stages, you may be more comfortable just using a spreadsheet.  If you have a simple business structure, and are not registered for GST, we can even provide you a spreadsheet to help. See our Resources Page to download now.

Can you provide advise on my smsf?

As an accountant, we are not licenced to provide advise regarding your smsf.  We can assist in the compliance and tax and work alongside a number of financial planners that we are happy to provide a referral to.

What do you need to do my tax return?

In order to maximise your deductions, we would suggest that you firstly complete our tax return checklist (on our resources page).  This can be filled in online or alternatively printed and emailed to us.  If you choose to do an appointment over zoom or phone, we will then discuss any areas that we feel you may have more deductions, or we will call or send you and email to get clarification.

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