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Doing Things Better Through Automation

The world is becoming more reliant on technology for our every day tasks.  From QR Codes to check in to venues,  to payment facilities on our phones, new technologies are emerging rapidly.  They key is to using these tools to streamline your business, making it more efficient and productive.

The more time that you and your team spend on low-level admin tasks, and data entry, the less time that you have to actually spend on your business and focusing on the growth and development of your business.

So what type of processes are easily automated?

Receipt Capture

Apps, such as Dext, Auto Entry and Hubdoc can really streamline the way your business works.  These apps allow you to take a photo of your receipts or invoices, extract the information, and publish the receipt to your accounting software.  By attaching the receipt to the transaction, this makes it easier for your accountant to check at the end of the year, reduces errors, and reduces risk of losing and not claiming receipts.


Whether you are using software such as Xero, MYOB, QBO or Integration Partners such as ServiceM8 and Tradify, these apps can simplify your workflow processes by creating recurring invoices, tracking a jobs progress and enabling invoicing on the go so that your evenings are no longer spent typing up invoices and quotes which could be done on the go whilst out at the job. 

Automated Payment Collection

Multiple payment gateways, such as Paypal, Stripe, Square and Go Cardless make it easier and faster to get paid.  This eliminates the chasing of customers for payments and assists in your cashflow.  In most cases these systems also integrate with your accounting package to automatically match with transactions as they appear.

Automated POS, Stock Management and Inventory

Do you run a retail or hospitality outlet.  Using apps such as Vend and Shopify provides you with an all-in-one Point of Sale, Stock and Inventory management system.  This assists in monitoring stock levels and helping to track which products need reordering and which products aren’t moving.

Social Media

Social Media is becoming increasingly important in helping you source new clients and market your products.  Tools such as Hubspot Marketing Automation and Active Campaign help you track the performance of your marketing and create regular campaigns.

If you need to know how Automation can help your business or which apps can streamline your processes, contact us at info@redlandsaccounting.com.au


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