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Minimum Wage and Award Minimums are Set to Rise July 1st

The Fair Work Commission has announced an increase to minimum wages and award wages from 1 July. With rising costs of labour, fuel costs and inflation pressure – now is a great time to review your pricing and/or look at expenses.
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Employee vs Contractor

It is really common that, especially when dealing with Tradies, a business will utilise Contractors rather than Employees.  What is the difference?  And what will


How do I improve my cashflow?

Do you feel like you are spending too much time working in your business, with nothing to show for it?  The figures seem to show

Cropped shot of Accounting staff are using calculators and graphing to pay annual taxes.

Why should I use an accountant at tax time?

With complicated, ever changing legislation, you can be sure that by engaging an accountant to assist in preparing your income tax return, we keep up

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Doing things better through Automation

The world is becoming more reliant on technology for our every day tasks.  From QR Codes to check in to venues,  to payment facilities on

Remote Work. Male Freelancer Using Laptop And Drinking Coffee At Home Office

Remote Work – Can it work?

The changes to the way we work have certainly been tested over the past few years.  Workplaces have been forced to adapt to numerous lockdowns